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For the entrepreneur with big goals ready to create more cash flow, put more money in your pocket, and demystify your business's finances and taxes once and for all

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    Sarah Young

    CPA + Virtual CFO

    at Young + Co

    Hi! I'm Sarah.

    I believe in a fresh approach to money and finances, and I'm not the stodgy, traditional CPA your dad referred you to. I believe that there's way more to your business than your tax return - it's important to think about your finances holistically in order to maximize your overall profits so you can build your wealth and legacy and create more peace and stability in your life.

    In addition to helping my clients achieve their financial goals, I’m also a business owner like you. After working with dozens of clients and growing my own business, I've learned what works - and what results in money flying out the door.

    What if you could...

    ✨Start paying yourself a $50K salary (or $4K per month) - and know that it's just the beginning.

    ✨Confidently know your numbers so you can make business decisions fast.

    ✨ Learn how to create your own profit plan so you can stay profitable and pay yourself more as your business grows.

    ✨ Bring in more security and stability to your business instead of constantly stressing about cash flow.

    ✨Turn your business into a wealth-generating engine that helps you achieve your rich life goals.

    That's what you'll learn in the Profit + Prosper program! Join the waitlist now to get early access to the program and exclusive waitlist-only bonuses!